VISA Assessment: PART 1
Have you been known by any other name (i.e. Maiden name (pre-marriage); other family name)?

Date of Birth

Place of Birth


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VISA Assessment: Part 2
Current Location

If Offshore; Country

Relationship Status

Relationship Status

Immediate family members wishing to accompany you to/in Australia

Partner's name

Partner's age

Partner's Date of Birth

Partner's Nationality

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VISA Assessment: Part 3
Partner's Sex

Please complete for each dependent

Date of Birth


List all other dependants below.

Do you have any family members currently in Australia?

If yes, please outline below.

Highest Education Qualification '(secondary; tertiary and; award (i.e.. bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering)'

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VISA Assessment: Part 4


Full-time paid experience in occupation immediately prior to now


Considering Temporary/Permanent migration?

Temporary or Permanent?
Any medical/character considerations of note (disabilities/special care requirements or criminal convictions, including ‘pending’ or ‘spent’ convictions)?

If yes, please advise in detail below.

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VISA Assessment: Part 5

What is your timeframe (i.e. within x months) for migrating to Australia?

What type of VISA do you want?

If other please specify.

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Have you ever had an Australian Visa or have you ever had an Australian visa refused/cancelled?
Any other information?

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